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Anti-Beta Actin Rabbit Polyclonal Antibody

兔多抗 | 货号: R1207-1


价格:RMB   1200


  • 概述

  • 产品描述 Actins are highly conserved proteins involved in cell motility, structure and integrity. Actin has been found to be expressed in at least six isomeric forms. It is expressed in heart and skeletal striated muscle tissue, and in certain smooth muscle tissues, regulating contractile potentials for these cells. It is also expressed in the cytoplasm of non-muscle cells, functioning to control cell structure and motility. Beta actin is usually used as a loading control, for among others, the integrity of cells, protein degradation, in Western Blotting.
  • 产品名称 Anti-Beta Actin Rabbit Polyclonal Antibody
  • 分子量 Predicted band size: 42 kDa
  • 种属反应性 Human,Mouse,Rat,Zebrafish,bamboo
  • 验证应用 WB,IF-Cell,IHC-P,FC
  • 抗体类型 兔多抗
  • 免疫原 Synthetic peptide within N-terminal residues of β-Actin.
  • 偶联 Non-conjugated
  • 性能

  • 形态 Liquid
  • 浓度 1 mg/mL.
  • 存放说明 Store at +4℃ after thawing. Aliquot store at -20℃ or -80℃. Avoid repeated freeze / thaw cycles.
  • 存储缓冲液 1*PBS (pH7.4), 0.2% BSA, 40% Glycerol. Preservative: 0.05% Sodium Azide.
  • 亚型 IgG
  • 纯化方式 Immunogen affinity purified.
  • 亚细胞定位 Cytoskeleton
  • 数据链接 SwissProt: P60709 Human
    SwissProt: P60710 Mouse
    SwissProt: P60711 Rat
    SwissProt: Q7ZVI7 Zebrafish
  • 其它名称
    • A26C1A antibody
    • A26C1B antibody
    • ACTB antibody
  • 应用

    WB: 1:10,000

  • 背景文献

  • 1. Ponte P., Ng S.Y., Engel J., Gunning P., Kedes L."Evolutionary conservation in the untranslated regions of actin mRNAs: DNA sequence of a human beta-actin cDNA." Nucleic Acids Res. 12:1687-1696(1984) Ohmori H., Toyama S., Toyama S."Direct proof that the primary site of action of cytochalasin on cell motility processes is actin."J. Cell Biol. 116:933-941(1992)
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